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Enemies are commonly perceived as devil’s agents who are out to bring someone down. However, on rare occasions, God employs opponents to accomplish His purposes in the lives of individuals. Professor Ayobami Salami is an example of this.

Professor Ayobami Salami, is a leader and mentor you will not be sorry to follow. He appreciates both the tiny and big gestures you make for him. He has a big heart and forgives unintended errors. When it appears that nothing can be done, he knows how to get things done. He has the ability’ to multitask and produce beneficial results. He places premium value on the essence of a good name. He understands how to administer an institution without jeopardizing his family’s well-being. He is a shepherd, not just a preacher.

He deals with each problem on its own merits. “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.” He has demonstrated that. He is a leader, not a dictator.

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It is with great honour that I write this short tribute on Professor Ayobami Salami, the first Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan. It is common knowledge that I was not close to Professor Salami at OAU; the closest I was to him was being close to those who were closer to him. But as destiny would have it, the hullabaloo thrown up by his appointment as the VC OAU in 2016 opened up a new vista for a closer and more enduring relationship.

As a former member of Council at OAU and realising that merit was sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity by a newly constituted Council, something inside of me informed me that God has greater and better plans for Professor Ayobami Salami. This I was courageous enough to share with friends and Salami himself This prediction or prophesy did not take 24hrs to materialise. It came as a rude shock when a friend called in the evening of 8th May, 2017, to inform me that Professor Salami has been announced as the Vice Chancellor of Oyo State University of Science and Technology, Ibadan. I took it with a pinch of the salt because such institution was unknown to me. An hour later, Professor Salami confirmed the appointment.

Tech-U is visibly God’s faithfulness and vindication of a people who were hounded, maligned, ostracized and described with derogatory terms. It was a Compensation for Professor Salami’s efforts and an opportunity to showcase his skills and leadership qualities where he is more appreciated.

Against my plan for a Professorial Chair at UNILAG and as fate would have it, the offer to spend my sabbatical at Tech-U was presented to me by Prof Salami and I accepted it. To the glory of God, I was one of the first set of Academics to resume at Tech-U. I am grateful to God and Mr. VC for the opportunity to have served in various capacities which has enabled me to contribute to the development of Tech-U.

Working under Prof Salami as a teacher and Dean of Student Affairs remains a very good and positive experience to date. Professor Salami is an administrator per excellence. He would not only saddle one with responsibilities but he would also give free hands, support and an enabling environment ta succeed. He appreciates new ideas and suggestions that could drive progress and development. His unrelenting commitment to excellence through hard work and prayers cannot be over emphasized. By his conduct and actions in leadership, he has silently raised many leaders. Prof Salami appreciates, nurtures and rewards true friendship.

Professor Salami’s ability to put up a good team at Tech-U should not go unnoticed. He knows and puts the right person in the right role. He would go the extra mile to get the best for the University, irrespective of what it takes. All these have contributed to his success to put the University on a good pedestal in less than 5 years.  A University that was once referred to as Ajimobi High School with only 2 buildings; and given little or no chance of survival, suddenly rose ta be the pride of Oyo State and Nigeria. The positive and encouraging results of Tech-U in the last 5 years have rubbished the insults from naysayers.

In summary, Professor Salami has proved himself as a God-fearing and result-oriented leader. He has proved critics wrong through a conscious and quality leadership worthy of emulation. His positive disposition to staff and students’ welfare is highly commendable.  Mr. VC’s style of administration has brought about a sharp disruption to the usual style of running a university system; he has done so much with little resources or allocation from the State Government and yet built a sustainable human and physical infrastructure for the young institution. May God bless Professor Salami as he aspires for higher callings and responsibilities in the near future. God bless Oyo State and God bless Nigeria.

Who is Professor Ayobami Salami to me?

Seeing him from different angles since I got close to and worked closely with him since 2009, as Finance Officer. He is a man of honesty and integrity who does things with the fear of God. He often creates the atmosphere to work with a clear conscience. This I experienced when he was the project leader of World Bank project during which I was a finance officer.

Also, as the University Bursar, I am pleased and happy to work with him because on many occasions he reiterated that he will not do anything that will take him to hell and anything that will take him to EFCC. Hence, we should do things with probing in mind.

In another angle, he is a destiny helper to me because through his appointment as Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, God used him to help me to get to the zenith of my professional career earlier than expected in life by creating an atmosphere to express my financial managerial ability that earned me the post of University Bursar. Hence, I will live to remember him.

My prayer to God on his behalf is to grant him long life to enjoy the work of his hands.

I congratulate Professor Ayobami Salami on his successful tenure as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan. It was a great privilege and delightsome experience working with Professor Salami as the pioneer Dean of Faculties of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University. He is a go­ getter who doesn’t take no for an answer and always thinks without the box. Professor Salami is a God-loving person and he is considerate in all his dealings with us when I worked with him at First Technical University.

You rarely find him angry but will say to you “no problem” without compromising standards. He paid our salaries promptly latest on the 22nd/23rd of every month and gave bonuses at the end of each year which is hard to come by elsewhere. Professor Salami is a family person who will always ask after the welfare of your family. He is a workaholic who does not succumb to the pressure of work. Some of us who worked with him closely often wondered where he gets his energy from. As a man of God, I can say it authoritatively that he doesn’t compromise his faith in God.

As you bow out as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University I pray for you sound health, long life and greater heights. I salute your darling wife for her love and great support to you during your trying period at OAU and throughout your tenure as Vice Chancellor at the First Technical University. You will continue to flourish and bear fruits gracefully in your next assignment both spiritually and secularly.

Congratulations once again.


Celebrating Prof. Ayobami Salami for me is celebrating a leader, a visionary leader per excellence! He is a man with a kind and giving heart – a blessing to our generation. While I thank God for his life and the successful tenure of office as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan, I can only wish him abundant success as he moves forward in life because his success is always a generational gift. Congratulations Oga!!!

Congratulations on the successful completion of your five-year term as the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan. Throughout your tenure, there was never a dull moment. It has been full of impactful activities culminating in the good mention of the University in the webometric ranking within a short time of its existence. You started from the scratch and before we knew it, you turned a desert into an oasis. You are a blessing to humanity and a source of pride to the nation as well as your admirers. I wish you well in all your future endeavours.

They say some people are made leader

But I say you were born a true and exceptional leader

The Lion of Ibadan who roars in the jungle A visionary fighter that defiles all obstacle Turning a deserted and formless hectare in to an enviable and noticeable theatre

You carry your light on your head

And with courage you illuminate paths many dread

With your words you unite warriors

The one whose ingenuity terrifies the oppressors

Whose voice echoes in deafening silence

To awaken the spirit of dying souls

The pride and brave Lion of Ibadan

You survived even when the climate was hot You march with courage and unwavering faith And made us all stars and pride of the jungle You are a legend and great pathfinder

A great Lion with the unequivocal mastery of the jungle

You are a blessing to our world.

Thank you, sir, for all you have done in my life

May your light continue to shine my Father and Mentor.

Professor Ayobami Salami,

A humble and generous man of God, very accommodating and always on point with his work, I appreciate the great opportunity to work with you at First

Technical University, Ibadan. I will always cherish the experience and knowledge. Thank you.

It is Martha Grimes who said “we don’t know who we are until we see what we can do.” This cannot be truer of Prof. Ayobami Salami, the visionary, resilient, courageous and indefatigable pioneer Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan. In a situation where many mortals would shrink back, you saw what many would not see- an opportunity to turn a wilderness to a city and be a champion of disruptive hands-on university technical education. This is not what an ordinary mortal can do.

It can only be alluded to your strong faith in God and your legendary courage. It is no marvel therefore that today, your name is written in gold in the annals of University Technical Education in Nigeria.

I am particularly grateful to you for giving me the opportunity of a sabbatical appointment to bring the outputs from my research to bear in the physical development of the University. With the great cooperation of the team at the Works Unit of the University, your great faith in us and your unflinching support, we were able to take the University from being known as a ‘University with two roofs’ to a University with a sprawling estate. We are thankful to God that this was achieved with no record of building collapse nor an abandoned building project.

Big, big thanks also to you for giving me the singular opportunity of setting up a new Faculty of Environmental Sciences & Management. It was a herculean task­ having to start from ground zero but the experience is rich and deep. Today, it is pleasing to see programmes running on Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Quantity Surveying, Surveying & Geoinformatics and Urban & Regional Planning. As you are successfully completing your tenure, may the Almighty God reward your selfless labour and move you to greater glory in Jesus’ name.

I know Prof. to be a very caring, level-headed man. He is a good listener who has concerns and considerations for all he comes in contact with. He is a teacher per excellence and teacher of teachers.

Prof. is always down to a fine art and science. He is a courageous person who is a mentor to many mentees, all of whom are doing fine and great. A lot of people wished and are praying to have him as their mentor.

He is just and fair in all his dealings with all, not minding the class or creed such an individual belongs to. Above all, he is a God-fearing servant of God. He is a devoted Christian and a pastor. Ojulowo omo oko ati akoni ilu ibadan 0jogbon Salami.

I wish I had known Prof. Salami earlier, but thank God that I know him not later than when I did.

May the almighty God continue to elevate our dear Prof., all that he loves, his lovers and all that belongs to him.

Mo gba gbadura fun agbega lori agbega fun Ojogbon Salami, iwaju iwaju lopa ebiti n re e si, oke oke lola ojogbon Salami yo o ma re.

Five years, looking so short. Yes, it would, when the journey is pleasurable even though eventful. On the other side, it is weary and endless. Truly, it has been by the favour of the Lord.

Although he is not COREN-certified, there is a biological engineering in him that has made him chart courses where there were no paths, leaving trails behind. That to me is what it takes to be a trailblazer, which indeed you are! It is no coincidence, your God whom you serve has honoured your words, “let us build without the box”. Even where the box appeared insurmountable, you navigated creatively outside the box. You were not deterred by the laws of Medes and Persian which are said to be unchangeable. Are you aware that you are walking two years ahead of what the professional body drafted on the table?

As I celebrate you, I ask of you to bestow such a conqueroring spirit on your successor, and yeah, the whole of Tech-U. May the school be empowered to make all the dreams come true. You will see the fruits of your labours in the years to come and be satisfied. The few months I spent with you were irrecoverably impactful. You are blessed sir, at home and away-a man of quiet and winsome spirit, a gift that no mortal could have chosen except by the hand of the Lord. Men blessed with such favour are destined to live long and enjoy length of days. Yes, you are!

The sky is not your limit, but eternity in God’s paradise. We have been moving together for a long while, we shall soon meet again to part no more!


There is an obvious fact that Professor Ayobami T. Salami is a treasure to have in any establishment as underscored by the academic world. He is a titan and a first among equals who built up himself through thick and thin to be the star we see, feel and touch.

My first real encounter with him was far away in Eket, Akwa lbom State when he served as our consultant for the GIS work in the bioremediation project carried out by KRAMMER Engineering where he exhibited the quality of a man with large heart in addition to the excellent report he willingly turned out beyond expectation despite the company defaulting in the terms of engagement.

I was privileged to work with him when I was the Provost of the Postgraduate College, Obafemi Awolowo University. I found him to be a perfectionist who strives to impact experience, good judgement and is very strict in following statutes and laws but humane and open-minded. He is courageous and empathetic without the fear of holding an opinion when necessary to do so. He brought the University back to the position of an international learning centre through some of the initiatives he single-handedly introduced. He led a three-man team (including the then immediate past Ag. Vice-Chancellor and the then Provost of Postgraduate College, i.e., myself) to three West African Countries which led to the signing of-memoranda of understanding for the leading Universities in those countries to have their members of staff trained in Obafemi Awolowo University. The harvest was really plenteous and many of these candidates preferred to change from Institutions in USA for OAU.

I was more educated by the volume of the information I garnered from the booklet he presented for his race to become the Vice Chancellor of OAU. He loved, worked tirelessly for and laboured for the proud institution to be worthy of being called “great.”  I can testify to how he was grilled, the strategic plan and its situation analysis and the superlative objectives and goals with time lines that he presented that left us to wonder if he was not part of those who founded University of lfe. He truly emerged victorious and we were all witnesses to the nature of human beings as was done to the Man Jesus. But with soft heart and understanding he moved on as a gallant soldier to conquer the academic world of his dream in the newly created First Technical University, Ibadan- His Tech-U! Tech-U! Tech-U!

Professor Salami is very humble and respectful. I have always tried to avoid greeting him in the open when our other staff members-both junior and senior­ are around because of the native Yoruba culture he spontaneously observes. Even with only the two of us in his sitting room when I visited him that I did not receive the invitation letter for the son’s wedding, he never betrayed the man God made him to be-an epitome of humility.

I will always remember him as a vivid example of what my secondary school motto reads “Per Ardua Ad Astra.” He is an indefatigable and quintessential leader. I wish him every good thing in life. God will water him as he (Professor Salami) has watered many of us, myself the most.

To my brother, my friend and my boss,

On the historic and memorable occasion of your gallant exit from the office of the Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan. I convey my very warm felicitations and prayerful wishes to a man full of integrity, an enigma, a visionary and an achiever of note.

Reflecting on your performance, contributions and unprecedented innovations, I can just conclude that ‘it can only be God’. I want to believe, alongside many others, that this is just the beginning. Expecting to see a new glorious chapter opening for you. Congratulations!


I wish to celebrate the grace of God in the life of Prof. Ayobami Salami, as he concludes his term as the Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan. You stepped in as a pioneer and transformed a bunch of professionals into a dynamic team that has impacted the lives of ordinary students who today are standing tall and creating spaces for themselves in industries and innovations.

Your legacies speak for you and will continue to do so in so many years to come. In many ways, under your leadership, First Technical University lived out its name being the very first in different ratings and ventures.

What could be a better testimony than the recent award First Technical University got when it got two of the five wins credited to Southwestern universities.

The light you lit still shines so bright, the words you spoke still echo so loud, the pace you have set is still visible to be thread. You left an indelible mark, antecedent to none –in fact unprecedented is the word. You thrived in a land that seemed so parched, you quenched the thirst of capable brains and minds in the profession with the wealth of potentials you housed.

Prof. Ayobami Salami, you are indeed a great icon, a force to be reckoned with, a leader both at heart and in acts, with your acts and scenes well played. You coordinated an orchestra, you sustained a harmony; you are reformative and constructive; bold and strong. Hands have been raised by you, lives have been changed through you. Your enormous contribution to the profession displayed the selfless attribute your character projects. We are glad we know you, we are privileged to be led by you and we are honoured to learn of and from you. We celebrate you and appreciate all you have done. CHEERS to a service well rendered.

As you proceed from the helms of affairs of the First Technical University, Ibadan, the Lord will entrust you with even greater responsibilities according to His word in Jesus’ name.

It is a rare privilege to say few things about Prof. Ayobami Salami, whom we are all celebrating today. Prof. is a humble, humorous, kind and exceptionally amazing human being. I have known him from afar as a senior colleague and from the Union’s front but we only got closer in 2016in the course of his aspiration. I had my reservations, and there were some things I never agreed with during the administration Prof. served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor. 

But honestly, I shared his dream and was convinced that he was the best and most prepared of all the contestants then. How our paths got crossed is a story for another day. What excites me most about Prof. is his calmness no matter the situation and his ability to bring forth solutions. He is a good leader who never betrays his emotion or state of mind. I never saw him ruffled or unsettled even when the going became rough and unpalatable. I remember fondly some of his words that “we must be prepared for 100 m dash or a marathon race,” another story for another day.

Prof. Salami is a passionate worker, fiercely dedicated to his mission and a tremendous taskmaster. He is very fair in his dealings and judgements. He gives people benefits of the doubt (without necessarily expressing his reservation), though my interaction with him was/is mostly unofficial. Finally, I thank God that our paths actually got crossed because it changed my mindset, and it is a good testimony to that popular saying that “books should never be judged solely by their cover”.

I want to specially appreciate your wonderful and ever supportive wife, other great individuals who made it possible for this worthy achievement of yours. Sir, warmly greetings from my wife and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you closer and officially, while wishing you the very best in your future endeavours.

History rarely witnesses the emergence of personalities whose monumental achievements change the course of humanity. Professor Ayobami Salami is one of such outstanding personalities whose contributions are multi-dimensional. Prof., it is crystal clear that you have sown the seeds of greatness in many lives. Few leaders and academics in this cynical era have achieved this level of adulation. Through the ages, the human race has had its icons- men and women- who rose above ordinariness to inspire their generation. In our generation, God bequeathed us Prof. Ayobami Salami.

As you complete your duty as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan, Nigeria, I pray that you shall move from glory to glory and continue to be a shining light to this generation. You are special, Sir!


I never thought destiny would bring us together even though we are of the same Father (Jesus).

Professor Ayobami Salami demonstrates his faith in the course of discharging his official duties as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the First Technical University, Ibadan.

Who you know is really immaterial to enjoy his goodwill. Professor Ayobami Salami is good to a fault! He shows love by believing all things; he believes something good can come out of any Nazareth. He is a man with large heart; he forgives freely, and keeps no record of wrong.

He is a man who takes good and calculated risks. His thoughts are deep. The future unknown to many are crafted on his heart. I am a beneficiary of his benevolence. He is my destiny helper.

May the good Lord reward you much more than I can desire pray for You shall see the fruits of your labour and rejoice. Tech-U shall surely become the University of your dream and your rising shall be beyond the sky.

I celebrate you, my hero!

I feel very privileged to have a friend like Ayobami in my life for so long. You have been an amazing role model, supporter, adviser and confidant. You inspire me. You are a remarkable friend, an uncommon example of a servant-leader and an administrator per excellence.

As a leader, you are fair but firm, just and balanced and with you there is no sacred cow. It is always a pleasure to work with you. It is clear that God has blessed you and your work. Thank you for providing the enabling platform for us all to contribute our quota to the progress and advancement of First Technical University, Ibadan.

May God continue to enrich you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as you continue in life. I pray that God continues to grant you wisdom, health, and prosperity. Thank you so much for your patience and motivation.



My destiny helper, as I always call him, made it possible for me to utilise my sabbatical period at First Technical University (Tech-U), Ibadan in 2018. For this kind gesture and opportunity, I am eternally grateful. When I was ill during the period, he was empathetic and highly concerned. In the company of his wife, he visited and prayed for my speedy recovery. The prayers of the Saints like them offered in faith made me well and whole and the Lord raised me up! James 5:14.


Prof. Ayobami Salami is a boss who is not bossy. He is approachable and lends listening ears anywhere, anytime. A virtue I admire in him is the fact that he responds to his calls and messages promptly. He is a servant leader, cool and calm. He is a great team player, an advocate of “think without the box” thus a great and intentional mentor. Tech­

U is blessed to have an amiable pioneer Vice Chancellor.


Prof. Ayobami Salami is a dependable friend. He acknowledges all invitations for celebrations with prayers and presence in the company of his amiable wife. However, if he would not be able to attend, he would send apologies with support and prayers; thus rejoicing with those who rejoice!


We bless God for the gift of life and a very impactful, fruitful, selfless and successful tenure in office as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of Tech-U. We are grateful to God to be associated with you. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you, all yours and the ministry entrusted in your hands and care. The Streetwise Discipleship Project will continue to expand with signs and wonders following in Jesus’ name. You will live long to eat the fruits of your labour of love, as you are a channel of blessings to many.

You will flourish, finish well and finish strong in Jesus’ name.

Wishing you:

More grace, More wisdom, Greater wins, Greater anointing, Greater Impact…

Thanks for being YOU. Well done!

So, so proud of you.

With much love and prayers.

Tribute to Professor Ayobami Salami on the Successful Completion of His Tenure as Pioneer Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan Congratulations on the successful completion of your five-year tenure as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan. To God be the glory for all He has helped you to achieve.

Prof. Salami is a diligent, hardworking, humble brother, friend and compatriot. He is indeed a pacesetter. Under his respected leadership, the new university moved from two buildings to a university of many buildings and a well-established one. I always wonder where he gets his strength from. A visionary leader indeed. Indeed, your name will be cast in gold for all you have achieved.

You have laid a solid foundation for the university. For a man who has achieved so much, Prof. Ayobami Salami remains incredibly humble and modest. He is a good listener who is never too busy to spare time for friends, colleagues and anyone. Call him anytime and he will pick. If busy, he will at any available time call back or respond to your message. I marvel at how he does this.

He is ever so kind and courageous; he is a great philanthropist, an excellent administrator, a shining star among a galaxy of stars. Anything less than a total commitment to excellence is an acceptance of mediocrity which he detests with passion. With him you just have to be extraordinary.

He took up the incredible challenge of building the university in 2017 and worked tirelessly to make the university what it is today. He is leaving an enviable legacy. As you take a glorious bow out of the First Technical University with loads of accomplishments having successfully completed your S-year tenure, my husband and I wish you more glorious years ahead. Congratulations!

Salute to a visionary leader. Professor Ayobami Salami is a man passionate about his followers’ personal development and growth. He is compassion and welfare personified. You have an open mind and a good listening skill. You are result-oriented and brave to confront mountains. You are a practical demonstrator of faith and you are never tired of breaking new grounds. Above all, you lead with the fear and love of God. God bless you and all your endeavours. See you at a greater height!

I should like, in this tribute, to praise two features in Professor Ayobami Salami. The very first feature that I cherish in him as a VC at the First Technical University, Ibadan is that Professor Salami is a multitasking master and a workaholic. In short, he works like a jackal of the brightest brand. He could come down from a plane, jump into a meeting and thereafter travel to another official engagement as though he had nine lives. The second feature that I cherish in him is that he delights in keeping bonds and promises in the manner of the legal maxim “pacta sunt servanda” meaning fulfil your promise. Professor Salami would say: Teejay I don’t forget my friends. Flowing from this, he has put smiles on the faces of several families among friends and Tech-U staff members who would pray for him eternally and constitute his lifelong following.

Eternal tribute should be paid to Professor Salami who is a soldier of glory. May the Almighty God continue to shower His choicest blessings on you and your household.

We appreciate you for sir, being an awesome mentor, leader, father, role model, teacher and a pastor. You have led us both at and outside work in such an exemplary manner. You are a source of empowerment, motivation and encouragement. You helped us move ahead with unending motivation and inspiration. You are a pace setter, a visionary leader and courageous erudite scholar.
Sir, we have never regretted being associated with you. You are a great man with an astonishing kindheartedness. May you continue to be a guiding star as you progress in life. Better, bigger and higher you sir.

Professor Ayobami Salami is an academic giant. He is an extremely wonderful person that has used his magic wand to attract me to himself completely immediately I met him in 2017 shortly after he was appointed the pioneer VC of the Technical University. I got magnetically attracted to him immediately because of his excellent zeal to develop the First Technical University Ibadan. He gave me the opportunity of being part of the very first team that started teaching Mathematics and Statistics at Tech-U and that was it! I joined him from UI and since then I am still working with him and his management team to continue to develop TechU! Professor Salami stands upright just exactly like an angel who has touched many lives! As you proceed to greater heights we can assure you that all those wonderful efforts of yours would not go unnoticed! You have created lots and lots of positive energies to transform generations to the right path. As you proceed I pray to God to continuously guard and guide you and all members of the Salami family all the time…God bless you sir…Olalekan Obisesan…

Sir, as evidenced, you have successfully envisioned and blazed the trail in setting up an amazing oasis, where rare breeds of future leaders that combine erudition and dexterity are bred for Africa and the world. Gratefully, it is a privilege to be part of this noble venture and evolve under your visionary and inspiring leadership.
We are eternally grateful to you for availing yourself as a role model of selflessness, diligence, optimism and excellence.
Greater achievements and higher attainments are yours by God’s grace.
Congratulations and thank you sir.