Because You Have Given the Best to the Gown


Since the day you stepped into the ivory tower

The Bower Tower has kept its eyes on your gallant steps

The eyele  in Eleyele, the eagle on Oke Aremo

Have been noting your strides of a gem

From Latunde to Lagelu

From the King of Varsities at the Source

Down to the promised land of the Technical Tower,

Because you have given the best to the gown

The town is clapping with its ancient palms.


Right from your memorable childhood

When you hawked pap for your grandmum

And hawked kundi the dry meat for your darling mum

Right from the dawn of snarling wants

You have ever valued the dignity of sweat

You are ever the first to plant in the rainy season

You are the last to leave the farm in the season dry:

Oh, see he who is diligent  in the science of the soil

He has become the toast at the harvest time

See he who is the diligent in his chosen gown

Has become the toast of his native town


I recall the other eve of the turning point

When adversity rose against the baobab tree

Desperate to stop the divine rain

They erected a barricade across the sky

Perceiving  the grand light about to  descend

They spread their human fabric to block the ray

But in the twist of God’s unfathomable might

Right before our aghast eyes

A call came on a silver platter

Because you were really destined to turn a forest into a citadel

You were beckoned by history for the Tech-U dream


The city is bound to find you out, Ayo Salami

Because you are not the egg-head that turns back to mock the hen

Not the cogno-eccentric scholar who gets drunk in the  bar of books

And begins to trample on the Book of Life.

In the race for doctorate or professorship

You never sacrificed heaven in pursuit of earth


Scholar in the day, shepherd at night

On Sundays you tender souls the Cedar way

On Mondays you nurture the brains the Tech-U style

Because you make the Christ your corner stone

Your tent is reaching for the seventh sky.


After this entry into the hall of fame

We must propel the       city into greater heights

From the memory of the brown, brown roofs

Must spout brighter colours of renewal

When solar panels grow from the buds of Okebadan

You must inspire the city to dream anew

When Igbo Agala will drip with tourism like a California grove;

Towards purifying our abused rivers

The city must be inspired into a thinking new:

You are endowed enough to steer the train, Ayobami Salami

Towards turning  our notorious wastes into sustainable wealth.

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